Mar 9, 2012

Friday faves 4

Oh Friday how I've missed you! The weekend couldn't have come soon enough, it's gonna be a jam packed weekend, but so fun. And next week is spring break here, which means I get a little extra sleep before heading off to work.
picture from Just Short of Crazy
I love all the uses for chalkboard paint I've been seeing lately. This wineglass label idea is just awesome.

picture from A Beautiful Mess
 This recipe for peanut butter from A Beautiful Mess is so easy. Looks like I'll be making some of my own natural peanut butter soon.

picture from Lemon Jitters
This chart of craft cutters is awesome. This is for all the people that think I'm weird when they ask for scissors and I ask back, "paper or fabric?" There are different scissors for a reason.

picture from lala Design Studio
I'm totally in love with this "oui" ring from lala Design Studio on Etsy. The design is just so cool, but the fact that it's in French just totally sold me.

picture from Make It and Love It
The thank you pouches that Ashley is making for her Denver blog meetup are so awesome. They would be perfect for a wedding or any party.

picture from cotton & curls
This tutorial on how to tailor a blazer is totally the right way to do it. I need to do this to one of my blazers that I love, but is just too big. One word of advice though, don't leave out the shoulder pads when you finish. They give the blazer the structure it needs.

picture from Tidy Mom
These little emergency kits couldn't be easier to make (out of a potholder!) and you can fill them with whatever you need. These would be perfect to throw in your purse.

picture from Wardrobe Oxygen
I loved seeing Alison's current closet. She details out what she has in there, and it's inspired me to supplement my wardrobe. I may be using those gift cards I just got soon.

banner from Run Eat Repeat
I found this awesome blog this week. I'm really loving it, plus I gotta support another redhead! ;)

picture from Lonny Magazine via la belle vie tumblr
And finally, this from Lonny Magazine is so cute and an awesome way to look at fashion. It's not just for the French!

And you may be wondering... two French things in one week? We'll it's official, I just reserved my tour for Paris! August can't get here soon enough! :)


  1. that OUI ring is SO cute and I love the "thank you" favors- so cute and easy to make!

    AND OMGGGGGGGG PARIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    AHHHHHHH!!! SO HAPPY FOR YOU!!!!!!!!!!

  2. i know i can't wait! i just found out i can walk to the eiffel tower from my hotel :D

    1. I wanted to see if you wanted to get together for lunch this weekend to talk about your trip, etc. but I ended up being superrrrrr broke this week :( and I don't get paid till next week! I spent too much money at the eye dr. this week buying new contacts and I screwed our budget up! Anyway- lunch soon!!

    2. I just got my tour confirmation info in the mail. Def let me know about lunch, i'm gonna need some picture tips too!!