Mar 12, 2012

My weekend: full of color

This weekend was jam packed, but oh so colorful and super fun.

On Saturday, I went to Rory's rainbow-themed 6th birthday. His momma, Jenni, did an amazing job putting it all together, and there were rainbows everywhere. Rainbow bunting, rainbow banners, rainbow signs and tons of balloons.

She even made the food rainbow-themed. There were rainbow cookies, rainbow fruit platters, rainbow veggie platters, rainbow decorated cupcakes, and the awesomest 6 layer rainbow birthday cake.

After the party it was HMM Crafter-noon time. We made etched glasses. Even the guys got in on the fun for this Crafter-noon. They got super serious making their designs.

After the day of rainbow partying and crafting, I went out to dinner and some retail therapy at the mall with one of my best friends, Melissa. We didn't do too much damage at the mall....

Sunday morning, after waking up at an abnormally late time (only due to the time change), I went to my Mom's. We went out to hunt for our supplies for our second cake decorating class. I got almost everything I needed. I'm just missing my cake holder (to transport my cake).

Once we got all our supplies, we made our frosting for class this week. Since I have a kitchen aid mixer, Mom made her frosting at my house too.We each made a batch of frosting and then colored all of them. I absolutely love that Wilton gel icing color. It makes the frosting so vibrant! Now I just have to bake and frost my cake, and I'll be all ready for Thursday's class.

I needed to get some sweatshop time in, so I started to tackle the work in progress door for Odd Duck. I got 3 half done half aprons finished and started on 3 other kids aprons. I gotta hustle making stuff, cause my stock is seriously thin.

This whole losing an hour on Sunday really sucked, cause I totally could have used it to keep sewing. But I can't complain I had tons of fun and got lots of stuff done this weekend. I hope your weekend was great too.


  1. Wow what an awesome party! I love the rainbow theme- she really kicked ass with all that stuff!

  2. Thanks so much for coming to Rory's rainbow spectacular. I've enjoyed the bunting so much its um still hanging up there on my back fence! I can hardly wait for the next crafter noon!