Mar 14, 2012

WIP Wednesday

I actually looked at my stock this weekend and realized, I really have to get to work for Odd Duck! I only have a couple of weeks left to work before the show. My thread rack will sure be getting a workout.

I decided to tackle as much as I could from my WIP drawer first. I pulled out these kids aprons. They were all cut out and only needed straps cut and to be all sewn up. I barely have any kids aprons left, so these will definitely help.

I also had to get ready for my second cake class, so last night I baked the cake I need to bring with me on Thursday night. Tonight I'll have to frost it. Wish me luck.

And finally here are some items from my WIP drawer that finally got finished.These three half aprons have been half done for months. But thankfully, they are all done now.

It looks like I'll be spending a lot of time in the sweatshop this weekend. I hope I can make enough for the show. Though, you can never have enough stock for a show...


  1. Those are adorns!! I really really like the plaid one with the orange pocket! Though I am a bit caked out personally :)