Mar 15, 2012

Cake decorating class: Week 2

Today was my second cake decorating class. Tonight we got to work on an actual cake. I took my cake, which I baked the other day. I filled the center of the cake with strawberry preserves, then I frosted it with my blue frosting.

Then we filled up our bags and got to work on the cakes.

 That's the the bottom of my cupcake. Not too bad, huh?

Making the top was super fun. It was like piping in clouds.Here's Mom making the top of her cupcake.

It's so fluffy!! (Yes, that should be said in the voice of the little girl from "Despicable Me.")

You can't forget the cherry on top. Then we made a border at the bottom. I made mine continuous. I think for my first try it came out pretty even.

And here it is all done and ready to eat! I'm saving it for my co-workers who've been patiently waiting for it all week, so I'll let you know how it tastes tomorrow.

I'm liking the class, especially now that we're doing some real decorating. Next week we have to bring in cupcakes. I can't wait to decorate those! :)


  1. How many? i'll bake for you if you want :)

  2. i only need 6... i'll make em in no time ;)