Mar 16, 2012

Friday faves 5

Another week is over, and this weekend will be full of sewing. We just tore into the cake I made last night and it was a hit. The strawberry filling was so yummy. Now, onto the stuff...

It's Singer's 160th anniversary this year, and they've put out this machine to celebrate. I need to get this sewing machine! Isn't the vintage look just awesome?

picture from AMC
A little over a week til Mad Men's new season. I can't wait to get back to Sterling Cooper Draper Price. These new pics have me even more excited.

picture from love u madly
I made some flavored vodka for the holidays and it was so easy. This recipe looks like a good one.

picture from Sew, cook, laugh & live
I saw a girl at the office the other day in a cute colored lace dress. It was so pretty and so spring-y. This top would be a great way to use colored lace too.

picture from Everything Etsy
No matter how many craft shows I've done, I'm always looking for more tips on how to have a great show. These tips are really great and gave me some good ideas to prep for Odd Duck.

picture from Sweet Simple Stuff
How awesome are these edible shot glasses? You'll even have time to make some before St. Paddy's Day tomorrow.

picture from The Lovely Dept.
These free printable cards are so pretty and perfect to use as thank yous or just to send a note to someone. The flowers are so dainty and pretty.

picture from Moda Bake Shop
This little trailer caddy is so freaking cute! I need to make one for me. It would look adorable on my desk (at home or in the office) to hold all of my stuff.

I'm sure you all heard about Sprinkles Cupcake ATM. Well here we can finally see it in action! It's so cool.

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