Mar 3, 2012

Pinup pics

A few weeks ago (Super Bowl Sunday to be exact) I went to a pinup pics event in Ft. Lauderdale. It was an event where you could go and get your hair makeup and wardrobe done and get pinup pics taken for $50. I'd been wanting to get pinup pics taken for a while, so I decided to go for it. (And I couldn't pass up a deal.)

After waiting a while, I finally got in a hair chair and started getting curled. I blow dried my hair before going, to make it easier to set it in curls.

Then I got into the makeup chair and got my makeup done.

After makeup, I slipped into my dress (I brought my own) and they finished up my hair. I was ready for the camera.

This was a first time event, so the organization of the whole event left a bit to be desired. The place where they held the event was a warehouse type space. It had plenty of room for hair, makeup and photo stations, as well as some vendors, but after being there a while it go hot. A place with air conditioning would have rocked. We got lucky though and it wasn't scorching hot that day. 

I was dying to see how the pics came out and this weekend I finally received them. Here they are. They did some editing to the pics already to they are ready to use. 

I also asked if I could have an unedited pic, so you could see my actual hair color. I'm so happy I was having a red hair day that day.

So what do you think? I may have some more pinup pics taken soon.


  1. I like them but can I be honest and say that the first pic/edited pic barely resembles you? They edited you away! LOL

    Your hair looks awesome though!!

    1. thanks kerry... i thought so too, so happy i got the unedited pic