Apr 6, 2012

Friday faves 8

Craziness at work this week made the weekend seem like it would never come, but it's finally here and I'm so ready for it. I have breakfast with the aunts tomorrow morning, then my tattoo. Here's some stuff to check out before the weekend festivities begin.

picture from Hostess with the Mostess
With Easter on Sunday, I just couldn't resist this Easter Bunny party. Plus anything that includes Peeps (which are my absolute favorite Easter candy is always awesome.

picture from Make It and Love It
This is such an awesome idea for turning any bag to a camera bag. I saw this and immediately thought of Kerry, I think you may need one of these!

While idea browsing for my sundress this week, I of course hit up Mod Cloth. I fell in love with this dress which is aptly named, Sundress of My Life. I'm thinking the top of my dress will be like this top, buttons and all, but I'm gonna change up the skirt.

picture from Small Good Things
How quirky and adorable is this animal pin cushion? It totally reminds me of my friend, Julie. This is so her!

picture from I Waste So Much Time
I love Coca-Cola. I have to say it's my beverage of choice. This pic looking back at all of their bottles over the years is so cool.

picture from Cotton & Curls
While we were all dressed up for Odd Duck this weekend, Mom mentioned to me that she saw some thicker headbands with knots in the front. I think these DIY turbans were what she was talking about. I may have to wear one soon.

picture from A Beautiful Mess
I love me some polka dots. This DIY polka dot rug is so my style. It'd be great to have in my craft room.

picture from My Baking Addiction
I also love Cadbury Creme Eggs around Easter time. And these Cadbury Creme Cupcakes look too yummy for words.

This song has been stuck in my head since last week, when my friend Damaris introduced me to it. It's from Brazilian singer, Michel Telo. The song has become a mega hit around the world and even Pitbull has done a version. So here it is, before it hits big in the US.

picture from Christina Heaston
And finally, this is where I'm headed next weekend! This post has me even more excited to go.


  1. 1. OMG love that dress I was just looking at a similar one color in all i think we should get them and be twinsies

    2. I LOL at the pin cushion she needs that!

    3. Get on making me a turban for me to wear over my pin curls on my drive to key west next week

    4. I NEED that polkadot rug must add to my to do list.

    5. Before making said rug I WILL go to my kitchen and make some of those cadbury cupcakes MAYBE i'll have one to share with you tomorrow.

    1. Twinsies forever! LOL

      Consider your turban next on my list ;)

      Ooo cupcakes... and you wonder why I love coming to your house ;)