Apr 30, 2012

Rainy Sunday

The last couple of days here have been rainy and gross. Sunday it barely stopped raining. It rained so much my pool is pretty much full.

Since I was all couped up on account of the rain, I decided to get some stuff done. So I made some homemade peanut butter. I used the recipe from A Beautiful Mess. (I had to make sure it wasn't poison, so I made my self some peanut butter toast after for a taste test.)

After making my batch of peanut butter, I joined Chantilly (of My Girl Thursday) and Elycia (of Love Elycia) for their online Crafternoon. We made this cute bike bag. It was so fun sewing along with these ladies, and everyone else that was online, it made my rainy day a little brighter. Plus, I have a cute new bag to show off.

After all the crafty-ness the rain finally let up a bit, so I was able to take my doggie outside. She wasn't too happy with the wet grass though. This morning was equally as gross and rainy, but I'm stuck inside the office, so no crafting for me today.

So how do you spend your rainy days?


  1. I can't believe how much it's been raining- and it's supposed to be the same ALL WEEK :( this sucks!

    Would you let Riley in your pool? I'd love to have Riley try a pool sometime! :D lol

    1. Riley can totally come over and swim in the pool (esp. since it's so disappointing that Tiffi won't!). And that wasy her momma can get in some swimming too.

      I know it stopped raining by the office, but still looks so nasty outside. I want our sun back!