May 2, 2012

WIP Wednesday

I actually got my sewing machine out this week and got something done. Thanks to the My Girl Thursday crafternoon on Sunday, I made a cute bike bag. I know I showed it off with my rainy Sunday post, but here's a better look.

Here's the front. I'm so happy that my thread color blended in so well when I attached the velcro to the front flap. I thought it would look too obvious, but I think it hides it pretty well.

And here's the back of the bag. I think this is the cutest part of the bag. It has straps that are velcro adjustable to fit on a variety of bikes in a variety of ways. I can't wait to strap it onto my bike.

Making this bike bag has inspired me to start working on another bike bag. I had posted this one on my Friday faves a few weeks back. I thought there was a pattern to it, but looks like this tutorial just tells you the sizes of the pieces you need. So I started sorting through my fabric stash, but still haven't decided which one to use... oh this is what happens with too many options. I hope I can finish and have it on my bike this weekend.

Are any of you working on any new projects this week?

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