Apr 27, 2012

Friday faves 11

TGIF everyone! I can't wait for the weekend to be here already. I have a day planned with my BFF tomorrow, shopping chatting and some manis. We're celebrating her first semester of nursing school being over. You did great Meli! So onto the faves...

picture from ModCloth
I'm a little Mod Cloth obsessed. I love browsing through the site and seeing all the cute new things they add all the time. These Fashion Fix Earrings in Wrench are so awesome and so me!

piture from la vie en rose

I had seen this style of coverup all over Pinterest for a while now. I finally found a super easy tutorial for this wrap around coverup. It's so cute and perfect for summer.

picture from Little Bit Funky
I always love the look of these birds nest pendants, and over at a Little Bit Funky she shows you how to make them for yourself.

picture from Disney Junior
I love this adorable veggie flower bouquet. It's a great twist on the fruit ones that seem to be popping up everywhere.
picture from Unii
This makeup palette keeps all your different shadows and blushed toghether in one place. I've already ordered mine, since I think it will be great for my travels.

picture from Ashley G and Drew
How amazing is this print?

  picture from Simply Marlena
My best friend stumbled upon this girl's vlogs on youtube and showed them to me. I went to her blog and just fell in love. Marlena is currently in Paris and shares tons of tips about traveling to Europe and Paris. I'm glued to see all the fun she's having over in Paris!

picture from My Girl Thursday
I will totally be joining Chantilly and Elycia in their Sunday Crafternoon. We'll be making this cute bike bag. I can't wait to craft along.

I love Alison's post about why she doesn't own expensive shoes. Numbers 5-7 are totally me.

This guidebook is currently living in my purse. I'm reading up about the city of lights for my trip (which is only 16 weeks from now!).


  1. I'm so excited for your trip to Paris!!!!!

    That DIY beach cover-up is definitely something I need!

  2. :D

    The beach cover up is so ridiculously easy. I could show you how to make it in exchange for photography lessons ;)

  3. Aw thanks for the link love! And a Paris vacation? Fabulous!!!