Apr 25, 2012

WIP Wednesday

I have to admit since coming back from vacation I haven't been much in the mood to do any projects. But I plan on starting a few, including a new skirt soon.

But here's something that Mom's been working on. She's taking the 2nd cake decorating class, gum paste and fondant. Tonight was her final class and she came over to show off her final cake.

Here are the pansies she was working on this weekend. They came out pretty good I think!
Check out her basket-weave on the side of the cake. This side looks so great and came out super good for her first try.

One work in progress that I did work on was my Paris trip. I had my tour booked, but now I've booked my plane tickets. I'm so excited I'm finally going. It's all official now with the tickets.

This weekend I'm gonna work on some stuff from my pinterest "crafty tutorials I will complete one day" board.

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