Apr 4, 2012

WIP Wednesday

I got so much done for Odd Duck last week that I'm a little burnt out. Since she helped me whip up my awesome outfit last Friday, Sewphia, my trusty sewing machine has been taking a rest. She did lots of work last week and she and I are both a little burnt out. (Which is what usually happens after a show.) But she will get back to work soon. I have lots of things to make.

I did go to JoAnn's this weekend to pick up some fabric. I have personally put myself on a fabric shopping hiatus for aprons and things for the store, but this fabric was for clothes for me. I picked up this cute cotton print to make myself some clothes for my Vegas trip next week. I'm not sure exactly what I'm making quite yet, but I'm leaning towards a sundress. I love the vintage look of the print. I'm gonna have grandma show me how to make the pattern, so wish me luck.

I hope to be showing you the progress of my sundress and another dress that Abuela is making for me too. Looks like I'm finally getting to some of that clothes I've been dying to make.

(and btw, I just got Instagram last night, so I had to use it to take my pics this week!)

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