Jun 11, 2012

My weekend: Hunger Games and birthdays

This weekend was non-stop full of celebrations.

First on Saturday I went to Jenni's to celebrate her daugther, Lexi's, 13th birthday. Lexi is a total Hunger Games fan, so Jenni gave her a Hunger Games inspired party. Having just read the books, I was so psyched about this idea.

When Jenni first told me of her idea for the party, I told her I would come dressed as Effie Trinket. Now, you know I love wearing crazy stuff in my hair, so being Effie would be the perfect excuse to do just that. I got some flowers and constructed a choker out of half and put the rest of the flowers in my hair. I also did my makeup in colors to match my outfit. I wanted to look as Capitol as possible.
Lexi was dressed in her Katniss-inspried reaping day dress (that her Mom scored for her on Etsy) was totally shocked to see Effie appear at her doorstep ready to take her to the Capitol.

Jenni also went all out making Hunger Games inspired food. We had bread from District 12 and 11, Cinna Cookies, Mellark's bakery cookies, apple and goat cheese tarts and District 12 inspired cupcakes (with "fire" frosting and "coal"). Jenni also made a delicious "lamb stew with dried prunes" (but it was really beef). I love all the baked goods and food she makes for her parties.
It really was a happy Hunger Games and the odds were definitely in our favor.

The next day, I was off to yet another birthday celebration. This one was for my best friend, Melissa. A few of us got together for brunch at a new place in Coral Gables.

We had a great time catching up and chatting. After we had our yummy food, I brought some cupcakes to share. Meli requested chocolate, so I made devil's food cupcakes with dark chocolate frosting and chocolate chips. It was super chocolatey. I also actually used one of my pinterest inspirations to get the cupcakes to the restaurant without have frosting everywhere. I have to say they were a success. Next time I would frost the cupcakes after they were inside the cups though.

After brunch, gifts and cupcakes, we wandered outside to the restaurant's patio and just relaxed and talked some more. Melissa initially didn't want to do anything to celebrate, but we all ended up having such a great time. We even got in a little retail therapy before heading home.

I had a great time this weekend getting to celebrate with some awesome friends. Now next weekend is another birthday celebration and Father's Day, so I have tons more celebrating to do.


  1. We were so glad to have you at lexi's party! you will now be forever effie!

  2. You look amazing as Effie!! I don't follow the Hunger Games but I know amazing when I see it! ;)