Jun 8, 2012

Friday faves 17

Another week over! Finally! I can't wait to start celebrating more June birthdays this weekend. But first here are this week's faves:

picture from Riley Blake Designs
I've been on the hunt for a new bag to make myself and this one seems great for summer. It's so cute and is easy to make, but has a few changes that make it a little different than a regular tote.
via Fab
These wood-grain cat's eye sunglasses are just to die for. I think they'd make a great addition to my sunglasses collection.

picture from MeiJo's Joy 
I love me some bias tape. I love it so much I have the simplicty bias tape maker. But had I known about this great way to DIY your own bias tape, I might just make it like this.

picture from Stefan Sisters
I'm gonna be making tons of cupcakes and cakes soon. And this list of tons of cupcake ideas is a great inspriation.

picture from How Joyful
I'm looking into getting a new camera (probably a DSLR), which means I'll need all sorts of accessories to go with it. This camera carrier is awesome, cause it will allow you to protect your camera, while putting it in a normal bag.

picture from Pussycat Pinups
This Rosie the Riveter pinup is just so awesome!

picture from How About Orange
I wish I had an iPad, so I could make myself this adorable iPad cover. I love the little leather-ish straps and closure.

via Nordstrom
I am totally in love with these shoes. I trying to figure out how much I would actually wear them to rationalize the price. But they are just so pretty.

via Already Pretty
Just as I'm getting prepped for my trip, I keep finding so many articles that are helpful. Here's one from Already Pretty about travel essentials.

picture from Hostess with the Mostess
I've seen a lot of Snow White parties done lately, but this one inspired by the Evil Queen is just amazing. I'd love to have a party like this for me... BTW, my birthday is just around the corner...

I hope the rain that's supposed to be coming doesn't hinder all of the birthday celebrations. I'm off to make a costume and some cupcakes tonight. I'll share all the birthday fun soon.


  1. I know someone who does have an iPad who would love a case you know if you felt like trading I'll keep you in cheat meals for forever!

  2. I loooooove that you posted that camera carrier/bag insert! When I saw that on Joy's blog, I immediately thought to myself "gotta see if D can make me that!" LOL

    1. of course! I have to get my camera, so I can make the first one, then you're gonna need one next!