Jul 1, 2012

Another day, another birthday

Since June won't let me have just one birthday in a weekend, it was also my godmother, Matiti's birthday on Saturday, the day after mine. Her daughter, Gisela, had a little lunch for her, her sisters, and us, her sister's daugthers.
the birthday girl, Matiti, Patiti and Grandma

Gisela made a different menu than the usual latin fare, she made chicken pot pies. They were so delicious. I wish my stomach was feeling better so I would've been able to eat more of it.

She also had a yummy salad with strawberries and some cornbread (which I forgot to take a picture of).

Mom made the birthday cake and decorated it with cute little roses. The inside was a yellow cake soaked in coconut rum and then filled with pineapple marmalade.I didn't have a piece, but have had this cake before and it's so yummy.

Everyone had a great time celebrating with Matiti, and we all loved the menu. Grandma is still raving about the pot pies. I may have to get that recipe from Gisela and try it out.

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