Jul 1, 2012

My birthday

My birthday was this past Friday. Thankfully, I was feeling a bit better from my stomach bug/cold, but I did have to spend the day working, since we had a big project that we needed done.

I have to give a huge thanks to my girls at work, Karina and Yoanna. They decorated my cubicle like crazy. It made having to work like crazy all day long a little more bearable. 

The girls showered me with too many gifts, a gift card, a box of healthy snacks, a cute dress and a bottle of wine (to forget about the craziness that we had to deal with on Friday).

They also surprised me with this beautiful cake. It was so cute and Karina even asked them not to make it pink (since she knows how much I love pink... LOL).

After an unbearably too long day at the office, I finally made it back home. Mom made some Asian rice bowls and got some cupcakes from the Sweetness. Then I got to open up my gifts. Grandma got me an InStyler (which I suspect she wants to use as much as I do). And Mom and Pop got me the Magic Bullet, so I can make my wine slushies and almond butter too (the wine slushies are more fun though).

After a ridiculously long day at work and getting showered with all these gifts, I was done. I chilled out and watched last week's True Blood and the new show The Newsroom. I was just glad to be home at last and able to just relax for a bit. I wish I felt 100% better, but I'm getting better little by little and I hope to be all good for my celebration with my friends on Tuesday after work.


  1. Your coworkers did such a good job- I especially love the cake that they made you!

  2. Wow! Your cubicle is definitely ready for the party! And it was a remarkable day after all, as your heart was feed by the warmth presents from Yoanna and Karina. Oh well, a party will not be complete without a bottle of wine to have a toast for another year in your life. Enjoy your day!