Jun 30, 2012

33 things to do in my 33rd year

I really liked doing my 32 things last year, having a list written down really makes you want to do some of these things, so here goes with this year's 33 things to do in my 33rd year.

1.  Make myself 6 items of clothing this year
2.  Dip my toes in the Atlantic and the Gulf
3.  Accomplish at least 1 tutorial I have pinned on Pinterest a month
4.  Learn to make patterns from Grandma
5.  Karaoke
6.  Finish reading Harry Potter (4-7)
7.  Go to the keys
8.  Craft room makeover
9.  Do a 5k
10.  Make pie crust from scratch
11.  Go to a Marlins game at the new ballpark
12.  Finally go to Harry Potter at Universal Orlando
13.  Go on a vacation (other than the Paris trip)
14.  Go to a museum
15.  Try macaroons
16.  Make a quilt
17.  Try to get in my pool at least 4 times before this summer is over
18.  Start a new feature on the blog
19.  Finally go to Whole Foods
20.  Make myself a new bag (or 2 or 3!)
21.  Actually go to the movies more
22.  Get my hair cut in a newish style
23.  Get new glasses (so I can mix it up)
24.  Make a tutorial
25.  Expand my jewelry collection
26.  Take more pictures
27.  Crochet another color bar blanket to keep at my desk at work
28.  Take my vitamins
29.  Have a picnic in the park
30.  Ride my bike more
31.  Regularly post in my etsy store
32.  Declutter my room
33.  Take a day to just breathe

Do you make these kinds of lists? Let me know, I'd love to see yours!


  1. I love this list :) I don't mind helping you with #17!!!

    1. Anytime! My pool is your pool ;)