Jul 27, 2012

Friday faves

Thankfully, the end of this week has calmed down considerably from the past few weeks, so I'm hoping the next few weeks follow suit and let me get in all I have to do. Here's some of the stuff I found online this week.

picture from Morning by Morning Productions
This dress is so cute and looks so esay to make. Now all I need to do is find some pretty jersey to make one of my own.

picture from Kitchen Fun with My 3 Sons
I've been called Strawberry Shortcake more times than I care to mention, and as one of the old red-headed dolls back in the day, I have always loved her. These Strawberry Shortcake strawberry shortcakes are so cute, it's a shame to have to eat her.

picture from Bari J.
I've been thinking about getting a sleep mask to try and get some shut eye on my flight to Paris and this pattern is so cute, I might just make one for myself.

picture from Go Radio
I finally got an iPhone last weekend, so now of course, I need to find all the cool iPhone crafts and covers. This glitter charger is awesome, but I would use my fine Martha Stewart Glitter and Mod Podge (of course) for a less chunky look.

via Pinterest
This quilt is so pretty. I totally love the colors and how modern it looks with just the black white and teal.

picture from The Harker Herald
I think I need to have another party, just so I can make this awesome tissue pom-pom chandelier.

picture from A Beautiful Mess
This bar cart is so cool and so retro. And the awesome ladies at A Beautiful Mess re-styled it themselves.

via Fab
I couldn't leave you without something Parisian this week. This poster I found on Fab is so adorable. You can check out the rest of the collection here.

Well I have to do some MAJOR trip shopping this weekend, so wish my luck in my quest for comfy shoes. And I'll totally be watching the Olympics opening ceremonies tonight. Do you love to geek out and watch them too?


  1. you got an iPhone? YAY! welcome to the club :D

    1. Yeah finally got one once I found our my EVO wouldn't be able to make calls overseas. I like it, but then my EVO was basically the same thing,... and I totally miss some of the features of the EVO, esp the navigation.