Aug 1, 2012

Travel tips: Things you'll need for your trip

There are a few things you'll need for your trip. These aren't necessarily must haves for everyone and every trip, but these are the things I'll definitely be taking with me on my trip. Some of these are no brainers, but you never know you might not remember even the simplest things sometimes (especially if you're scatterbrained like me lately).

Luggage. Just in case you don't have any luggage, you should get some to cart your stuff over there. Mine has an expandable panel, that I will leave closed on my way over there, and open on the way back to bring back souvenirs. Also, if you plan on carrying on your bag, make sure it meets all the TSA requirements for size. And don't bother with that adorable vintage suitcase that you just got at the last retro bazaar or thrift shop. It may be cute, but a more modern suitcase with wheels will help you keep you sanity while lugging it through the airport. Plus if you are on a tour with multiple stops, having a suitcase that you can move around easily is a must.

Neck pillow, sleep mask, blanket. If you're heading off to Europe, you'll probably have a long plane trip ahead of you, so get yourself a pillow, blanket and sleep mask and catch some zzz's on the plane. My flight leaves here in the evening and arrives in Paris in the morning, so I plan on sleeping through my flight to try to stave off jetlag.

Comfy walking shoes. I want to see all I can while over in Paris, and I know I'll be walking tons. Comfy walking shoes are a must. I'm looking for a pair that goes with most things, so I can rely on them to go with most of my outfits, but overall comfort is key. I have tried on shoe after shoe, from expensive $300 shoes to a $20 pair of ballet flats (for the record my feet favor the cheaper ones). And the key is to break them in before you leave, so you won't have blisters half way through your first day.

Electrical adapter. Most electronics are now dual voltage (check the plugs or tags to make sure they say 110V to 240V), so you should just need an adapter to get your American style plugs into the European outlets. But if they aren't, you'll need a converter. Just look at your electronics before you go, you don't want to be without your blow dryer.

Camera / Extra Memory cards. This is something you shouldn't leave home without. You want to have the memories of all that you did over there. But, while you are on your trip is not the best time to figure out your new camera, so if you're gonna get a new one, get it beforehand and learn to use it. Whether your camera is new or old, make sure to get a few extra memory cards, so you will be able to get all the shots you want.

Rain gear. Mother nature doesn't care that you are on vacation. So make sure to be prepared and take some rain gear with you. You don't want to be stuck getting wet while you're trying to see the sights. Or hunting for an umbrella in a rainstorm.

Cross body bag. Your best bet for a bag to carry around day to day on your trip is a cross body type. That way you can keep your things (camera, coverup, rain gear, guidebook and map) with you while keeping it secure. Since you can keep your hand right on your bag while you're walking around, it'll keep it from the roaming hands of those pesky pickpockets.

Those are just some of the essentials I think you'll need before traveling. Did I miss anything? Is there anything I should be taking that I forgot? Let me know so I won't end up without something I need halfway across the world.

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  1. These are awesome tips Diana! I'm definitely going to make sure to share your post with my travel companions. Thank you for sharing with us!