Jul 19, 2012

Only 36 days til Paris!

I've been crazy busy at work lately... I'm talking getting in early and leaving super late. Between that and all the stuff I've had to do on the weekends it just hit me a couple of nights ago that my Paris trip is a little over a month away! I can't believe it's almost here. It's so surreal.
picture from Digital Things

Between now and 36 days from now, I have tons to do to get ready. So this weekend I'm gonna get some stuff ready. I'm gonna go hunting for my comfy walking shoes, cute outfits and a bag big enough to carry my camera and all the essentials.

Even though I do have things still to get, I have gotten a lot already. I have my camera (who has just been named Nikki), luggage, power converter, a Paris guidebook, and a French phrasebook. I also have some easy French conversation CDs that my co-worker lent me that are now on my iPod. I'm learning as much French as I can before I go. I hope I'm able to use most of it and that I can be understood.

This month will be over before I know it. I can't wait to be on my way to Paris!

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