Aug 21, 2012

DIY travel accessories

I finally got around to making a few things I wanted to make myself for my trip. They aren't anything super huge, but I think they came out really cute. And I used a ton of Pinterest tutorials, so I've more than met my quota for this month.

First was my "First Aid" pouch. I actually finished this a couple of weeks ago. I used some polka dot fabric and my basic zippered pouch pattern, but I altered the size. I left this pouch without a gusset, but added the first aid cross and embroidery to keep it cute. The "First Aid" was freehanded and then hand embroidered before I added the interfacing. Since I use iron on interfacing, it's extra insurance that the stitches won't get undone. This little pouch is just perfect to hold a few first aid supplies.

Next, I finally made myself a boxy pouch. I took cues from my fabric and quilted along the grey wavy lines. I think it came out pretty cute, though it was time consuming to quilt it. The corners were making me a little antsy while I was sewing them, but I only had to redo them once or twice, so it wasnt' that bad for the first time. This pouch is such a perfect size, it fits all of my non-liquid toiletries perfectly.

Then I decided to make a makeup brush roll in the same fabrics (hey, if I'm making them myself, they might as well match!). This is another one that was easier than it looked. I always get intimidated when they tell you to measure things yourself. But I laid out my brushes and marked the pockets. I even made the first pocket extra big for my kabuki brush. I sewed them all up, and miracle of miracles, they all fit. 

I didn't quilt this one just to save on time. The quilting would have been cute, but I had so many things to make I just didn't have time for it. I think it looks great anyways.

After that, I made myself a luggage tag. I figured my business card enveloped in plastic was a bit ghetto. I added a pretty D to the back of the tag. I'm kinda shocked it came out so cute since I freehanded it.

I hope to be able to make myself a new makeup pouch tonight, cause now it has to match the rest of my travel accessories.


  1. wow, these things are lovely, you're so talented!
    i've just discovered your blog and I think it's great! have a nice day :)

    1. Thanks so much! I'm glad you found my blog, hope you enjoy!

  2. these came out so good! i love the boxy one- that would be perfect for all my makeup!

  3. These DIY travel accessories are really great to do. I'm going to make some accessories this coming weekend.