Aug 17, 2012

Friday faves

This week seems to have flown by. I think its because I have so much to do. This weekend I want to get to the sewing machine and make myself a few things. In the meantime, check these out...

picture from Pellon
This makeup brush roll is just what I need. This way I can take my makeup brushes on my trip, but not have them just thrown in a bag somewhere.

picture from The Smith's Blog
Check out the chambray shirt project. It will totally inspire you to wear your chambray shirt all the time once you see all the outfits you can make with this one simple piece.

picture from Sweeter Lemon
This pendant is so pretty. Can you believe it was made using nail polish? Check out this tutorial to make some of your own.

picture from U-Create
This is so true. And you can download the free printable in a few different colors over at U-Create.

picture from Yesterday's Sweetheart
These salt and pepper shakers are so cute. They totally need to go in Kerry's house.

picture from Much More Than the Birds
I'm loving the retro look of peter pan collars lately, and this top does it right. I love that the collar isn't too high, but still gives that cute peter pan look.

picture from ModCloth
The new Top of the Twirled Dress from ModCloth has me drooling. I need to find an event to wear a dress like this to!

picture from mmmcrafts
Check out these mod-inspired pillows. I'd love to make a few to keep in my room or maybe even the craft room.

picture from Cupcake Project
Two awesome desserts, cupcakes and creme brulee have come together to make these delicious looking Creme Brulee Cupcakes. I wish I had one right now.

picture from shama
This new take on best friends necklaces is so hiliarous. My best bitches would love this too!

This weekend will be full of last minute things to wrap up before my trip. Do you have any awesome plans?


  1. you're 100000% right! i do need those salt and pepper shakers! I still kick myself for not getting my BALL tattoo done in the Ball jar logo...

    and I LOOOOOOVE the Best Bitches necklace! SO GOOD.

    1. Well you can always get another Ball tattoo...