Dec 31, 2012

Christmas Day 2012

I'm a little late in posting these cause thanks to the super cold at the End of the World party, I seem to have caught a cold. Not exactly the way I planned on spending my Christmas vacation, but hey at least I'm not at work.

We had a good Christmas. On Christmas morning, Mom made a huge brunch (with belgian waffles!) and then we all gathered around the tree and village of houses.

And the newest member of the family, Marty McFly (Angel's dog) joined in on the fun too. But Tiffi was terrified of him, so she wouldn't come and join us. All he wanted to do was play, but she wasn't having it.

Angel passed out the gifts and we all got to opening all of our goodies.

(I played photographer, so there is only one terrible cell phone pic of me.)

We had a great time as usual and all got some really great gifts from each other. You gotta love spending time together on Christmas.

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