Dec 31, 2012

The best of 2012

2012 is almost over and there were good times and some bad as well, but I know that 2013 is waiting with only the best expectations and intentions for all of us. But here's looking back at some of my favorite moments in 2012 (12 to be exact).

In January, I celebrated Mom's 60th with her Beatles party.

Then in February I tried my hand at cake decorating with Angel's Lego birthday cake.

Inspired by my cake making, Mom and I signed up for  the Wilton cake decorating class in March.

In April, I started my traveling, and headed out to Vegas!

My friends came down from Orlando for Memorial Day and we had wine slushies and cupcakes.

In June, I helped celebrate Lexi's Hunger Games birthday, as Effie Trinket.

It was a little belated, but in July we finally celebrated my birthday.

I developed my own recipe for peach cobbler in August.

In September, I came back from my trip to Paris!

I was so happy to help celebrate my niece's 1st birthday in October.

I love baking for Thanksgiving, and this year I learned to make my own pie crust.

And in December, I had a great time at the girls holiday dinner party.

I had some great times in 2012 and hope to make even more great memories in 2013.

Happy new year everyone! Here's to a 2013 filled with fun, family, health, laughter and love. Happy 2013!!

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