Dec 30, 2012

Color bar blanket: Take 2

I'm glad to report that I finished my second color bar blanket. My first attempt too me years to complete, but luckily this time I was motivated and it only took me 6 weeks. And this blanket came out way better than the first one.

This attempt at the blanket came out way better than the first one. I attribute it to buying all of the yarn at one time (and all the same brand). I found a great deal on Vanna's Choice, and it was available in all of the colors I needed, so I bought them all at once. That way I wouldn't have to go searching for another color or brand to match what I had.

Another thing that really helped this time was crocheting all of the squares in a relatively short amount of time. I started the blanket a bit before Halloween (and took a break to make costumes) and finished after Thanksgiving. I think doing them so close together kept my stitched a bit more even. Plus, I've had some practice now, so my crocheting has improved overall.

The sewing together of all the pieces didn't get any easier though. Making 140 squares into one big blanket gets hard near the end cause the color blocks are are so big. But it's totally doable, it just takes a bit of muscle.

I love my new blanket at it was a total hit at the office. Those that actually realized it was color bars loved it even more. And the blanket is totally serving its purpose, it's keeping me warm in my office that is an icebox while still looking cute.

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