Jan 25, 2013

Friday faves

It's been a short week for me since I had Monday and Tuesday off, but I'm still so happy to get to the weekend again.

picture from Star-Shaped and Shiny
I love any cupcake, and this cupcake pincushion is so cute and has no calories!

picture from Sew 4 Home
I've been looking for a laptop bag, but I think after seeing this tutorial, I'll finally give in and make one for myself.

picture from Half Baked
Ok, I either need to master this cake for my birthday or have someone make it for me. A macaron cake? How awesome!

picture from walker whimsy
This crocheted headband looks like a great simple project to tackle. And I'll get to use some of the yarn extra bits of yarn I have around.

picture from Things We Do

This ink splatter heart mug is so cool. I love the design.

picture from crafterhours
This simple dress will be perfect for the hot days and the not so hot ones too.

from Ninj and Ninj
I totally need to get one of these for my office.

I have my second French class this weekend, and then I'll have to see where I end up. I hope everyone has a great weekend!

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