Apr 15, 2013

Color Me Rad 5k

This past Saturday was finally the day for the first 5k I signed up for this year, the Color Me Rad 5k in Orlando. Kris and I had been thinking of doing a color run this year. We missed one earlier in the year, but found Color Me Rad and loved their whole fun take on the 5k.

We prepped for the race (which involved making colorful tutus and cute headbands... this is me after all, I had to make something!). I opted to go the easy route tutus, the kind you just tie onto the elastic. I whipped them up in no time. And our headbands were backed with velvet ribbon, which really made them stay. They didn't slip at all.

The day before the race, Kris let me know it was supposed to rain all weekend. Luckily though, the weathermen were all wrong. It was overcast (which made for a nice, not too hot race) and the sun came out just as we were finishing. Eddie joined us in the Color Me Rad and ran the race too. After we finished he even got pelted with color by a little runner. It was too funny.

We had a TOTAL blast at the race! And getting shot with all that color was so much fun. Loved it!

I did end up with a blue/green alien looking hand when it was all over. And yes, it took like 3 hand washings and a shower involving some scrubbing to get my skin back to flesh color again.

Even though the color was a bit of a mission to get off (but not impossible). We'll definitely be doing Color Me Rad again and can't wait til our next race. I have to say we're hooked!

To reward ourselves for all the hard work in the morning, we headed out to Epcot later in the day with the kids for some rides, fun and most importantly, celebratory margaritas!

**And since I did do a race, and now am a mini-runner, I can't help but think of those in Boston. I have to send out my thoughts, prayers and love to all those runners and friends and family at the Boston Marathon today.**

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  1. You have to let me know when you are doing the next one. I will be there! :)