Apr 7, 2013

Renaissance festival fun

This weekend I headed out to the Florida Renaissance Festival with my friends Karina and Mary Lou and all of the kids. It was their first time going to a Renaissance Festival, and I hadn't been to one in years. It was held at Cauley Square in Homestead. It was a great atmosphere for the festival.

We walked around and checked out all the people in costume and then we saw a few of the shows. First, we caught the fire juggling show. These two were amazing. I don't know how they can do all that with things lit on fire.

We walked around more, caught a couple of more shows, had lunch and headed to the joust. The knights were a bit old, though. Definitely not Lancelot material!

But when the joust began the aged knights proved why they were up there. It was so cool seeing an actual joust.

The kids wanted their chance to get into the renaissance spirit, so they tried their hand at fencing. First the boys, had their chance.

And the girls, didn't want to be left behind in the fun.

Somehow, I managed to take my DLSR with me, but left the battery charging at home. So, please excuse the iPhone pics. But even with that slight snag, we had a great time at the Renaissance festival. It was so much fun. We couldn't have asked for a nicer day or better weather. We'll definitely have to come and check it out again next year.

Have you ever been to a Renaissance festival?

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