Jun 30, 2013

34 things to do in my 34th year

It's my birthday weekend! And that means it's time to set my goals for the year. Some are huge and some are smaller, but they are all part of the fun.

1. Make 6 items of clothing for myself
2. Upload more music for running to my iPhone
3. Do a sewing tutorial for the blog
4. Run a half marathon
5. Make myself a new bag
6. Go to a blog/social media conference
7. Post a new tutorial
8. Learn to make patterns from Grandma
9. Go to a concert
10. Make a vlog
11. Go on a vacation
12. Stretch more regularly
13. Get a new tattoo
14. Consistently post in my Etsy store
15. Get a pair of new glasses
16. Make positivity a habit
17. Finish a photo a day challenge completely and on the day it's supposed to be done
18. See the sunrise
19. Redo my bedroom
20. Get into my pool as much as possible this summer
21. Read a classic novel that I never read before
22. See more movies
23. Plan and throw a party
24. Volunteer
25. Get in the pool more
26. Take a class
27. Learn to take pics with my DSLR in manual mode
28. Make a cake from scratch
29. Go to the beach this summer
30. Revamp the blog
31. Go see a musical
32. Find some new music
33. Write more
34. Be true to myself

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