Jun 29, 2013

33 things - Recap

Another year done, and another look back at my 33 things. I really like making these goals every year. I may not get to them all, but I love seeing what I have accomplished in one short year. Here's a look back at what I did this last year.

1.  Make myself 6 items of clothing this year - pajama pants

2.  Dip my toes in the Atlantic and the Gulf - just the Atlantic
3.  Accomplish at least 1 tutorial I have pinned on Pinterest a month - not monthly, but I did quite a few... travel accessories, peach cobbler, ruffle bloomers, tutus, oatmeal cranberry cookies,
4.  Learn to make patterns from Grandma
5.  Karaoke
6.  Finish reading Harry Potter (4-7)
7.  Go to the keys
8.  Craft room makeover
9.  Do a 5k Color Me Rad!

10.  Make pie crust from scratch Nov. 2012
11.  Go to a Marlins game at the new ballpark Sept. 2012
12.  Finally go to Harry Potter at Universal Orlando turned into Disney annual pass!
13.  Go on a vacation (other than the Paris trip)
14.  Go to a museum done in Paris!
15.  Try macaroons done in Paris!

16.  Make a quilt
17.  Try to get in my pool at least 4 times before this summer is over
18.  Start a new feature on the blog  "Tune in to..."  "Travel Tips"
19.  Finally go to Whole Foods
20.  Make myself a new bag (or 2 or 3!)
21.  Actually go to the movies more
22.  Get my hair cut in a newish style
23.  Get new glasses (so I can mix it up)
24.  Make a tutorial
25.  Expand my jewelry collection
26.  Take more pictures
27.  Crochet another color bar blanket to keep at my desk at work Dec. 2012

28.  Take my vitamins
29.  Have a picnic in the park at the Champ du Mars in Paris!
30.  Ride my bike more This turned into running!
31.  Regularly post in my etsy store
32.  Declutter my room Jan. 2012
33.  Take a day to just breathe

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