Jul 22, 2013

Car litter bag tutorial

About a month ago, I got a new car. I'm loving it, except that I didn't have a little garbage bag in it.  I had made one for my other car, so I figured this one needed one as well. Thankfully it's a super quick project. Here are all the details, so you can make your own.

Here is what you will need:
1 exterior fabric piece 18" by 13"
1 lining fabric piece 18" by 13"
8-10" elastic (depending on the length you need)
Sewing machine

I used that reusable grocery tote fabric for my exterior, which is pretty sturdy. For the interior, I think it's best to use a heavy cotton duck. This way there will be no need to use interfacing. If you are using a lighter fabric, just use some Craft Fuse interfacing and fuse to your panels before proceeding.

Make a small hem on the top of the long side of both panels, then fold in half right sides together and sew down the short side. The top and bottom should be open. The panels should be like tubes.

Stack both the exterior and lining tubes on top of each other matching the seams. Then sew across the bottom of both tubes together. They will be joined at the bottom now by the bottom seam but will still be 2 separate tubes.

Flip the exterior fabric right side out. The lining fabric will be on the inside of the exterior fabric.

It should look like this, with your lining inside of your exterior, with the tops still loose.

Then add a piece of elastic as your handle. I line mine up with the seam on the side, so I can hang my bag off of the shifter in my car.

Voila! There you have your own car litter bag. Just use plastic grocery bags or even better, doggie bags as your bag liner. Just tuck the end in between the exterior and lining to keep your garbage bag in place.

This is a great little project that will really make your life so much easier when you're driving around.

Do you have a garbage bag in your car?


  1. Very cute!!! love the chevron print!!! We actually don;t have one of these!! Just it the garbage in the pocket on the side of the door =(

    1. It's such a handy thing to have in the car. And really easy to make.