Oct 21, 2013

Cowboy dessert table

I was asked to handle some decorations and the dessert table for a cowboy themed 50th birthday celebration. I was more than excited to do it, and was super psyched to make the desserts that they ordered from me.

They ordered some brand new flavors. First the rocky road cupcake. It's chocolate cake, stuffed with marshmallows and walnuts, and topped with a roasted marshmallow.

Then, for a vanilla based cupcake, we had the strawberry shortcake cupcake. It's vanilla cake, with strawberry filling and topped with a whipped buttercream and a fresh strawberry.

I also made brownies, both with and without nuts. (I make my brownies chewy!)

They also ordered s'mores on a stick. It's just like a s'more, but without the mess. It's a marshmallow dipped in Hershey's chocolate (gotta keep it authentic!) and then rolled in graham cracker crumbs.

I set up my desserts along with some other desserts brought by the hostess. Then I put out all the dessert labels. I just think the labels really bring a dessert table together. Plus it makes it easier for everyone, since they can see what they are having.

I also helped set up the rest of the part including making flower arrangements and setting the tables with the favors and bandana napkins. The party had a real cowboy/country feel.

I was so excited to help out with this party and dessert table it gave me the chance to delevop a few new recipes and set up a fabulous table full of yummy goodness.

What do you usually grab at the dessert table?