Nov 4, 2013


Drinking: Tons of water. I gotta make sure I'm really hydrated before the race.

Reading: Or should I say, re-reading. I'm about to start re-reading Catching Fire before seeing the movie in a few weeks. From the latest trailers the movie looks awesome. I can't wait to see it.

Enjoying: The little spouts of slightly cooler weather in the mornings. I'm hoping this weekend will be nice and cool.

Obsessing over: My race costume. I'm "inventing" how to make it and it's not going as I had planned. I really hope that it comes out like the idea in my head looks.

Wishing: That I could just blog and race as my job... a girl's gotta dream right?

Loving: my friends, getting ready for the race, making costumes, cupcakes, Disney, dreaming up new ideas


  1. You know, that's a good idea to re-read Catching Fire before seeing the movie. I don't re-read books much, and I often wonder why I don't, but I did get tickets to the movie and I'm so excited to see it. Did you hear they split the final book into two movies? That seems to be the trend these days I guess. Still happy to see such a great series brought to the film medium.

    1. The books are amazing, you should definitely give them a re-read. They tend to make the last book into 2 movies now, but I'm hoping that means we'll get all the details from the book.

  2. DREAMS can become reality!!! MAKE IT HAPPEN BABY! ;)

    And I must agree with you, I LOVE the cooler, crisper mornings!

    1. Thanks GiGi! I'm hoping it stays cooler for the weekend... fingers crossed!