Dec 10, 2013


Reading:  I saw the movie for Beautiful Creatures the other day, and I'm now reading the book. The book is totally different, but I'm liking it.

Enjoying:  Baking. I'm loving baking up holiday goodies to share with friends and family. This weekend I made some oatmeal cranberry cookies for the office. And I might bake up a little something more for the gift exchange on Friday.

Working on:  Making some Christmas gifts. I'm not going too crazy making things this year, but I do have a few little gifts I want to whip up for the holidays. And I hope to share how to make them here soon.

Looking forward to:  This weekend. Kris, Eddie and the kids will be coming to town and staying with me. And I have the girls' holiday brunch this weekend too. I can't wait to see everyone and be able to catch up.

Thinking about:  Next year. I've been thinking about what is to come in 2014. I know the changes will be positive. I have a few changes in mind and a few goals I want to strive for. It's gonna be a great start to so many new things.

Hoping for:  A white Christmas! I know, it's totally out of the realm of possibility here in Miami, but I can dream. It being a little cold on Christmas would be nice though. This heat is not making it feel very merry around these parts.

Loving:  Caramel macchiatos, fresh baked cookies, holiday socks, (I never thought I'd say this) weeknight runs, wrapping presents, time with friends, fresh flowers, Christmas tree lights

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