May 2, 2014

friday faves

The weekend is here at  long last. This has been a rather strange week around these parts, so a the weekend is a great escape. First, here's a look ayt my faves from this week:

picture from Imagine Gnats
This hashtag body pillow cover is so cute.

via BuzzFeed
Hi, my name is Diana, and I have resting bitch face.

picture from A Million Moments
 I've never made a cupcake bouquet, but this tutorial has me inspired to make one soon.

via New York Post

In case you didn't hear, George Clooney finally popped the question. And this open letter to his fiance, Amal Alamuddin, is just awesome. They hit the nail on the head!

picture from Make It & Love It
I didn't know I needed a pastry cloth til I saw it here. But now I think I'll be making one ASAP!

And finally a great treat for these early summer (there is no spring here in the 305) days, Strawberry Margarita Jello Shots! Yes please!

I hope everyone has a great time this weekend. Get out there and hang out with some friends.

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