Jul 21, 2014


Reading: Right now, I'm reading "Good in Bed." I was thinking I would really like it, but I'm not. The main character is unrelatable to me and whiny. I'm trudging through it, I thought it would just be some light breezy chic lit, but oh well. I'll take any recommendations.

Looking forward to: A mini-vacation I have coming up. I can't wait to make the little get-away and explore a new city.

Obsessing over: My new FitBit. I'm loving tracking my steps (and I have to say seeing it shoot up on run days!), and seeing how active I am. And I am walking a bit more to get more steps in each day.

Working on: Getting used to my new job. I got a new job about a month ago, and I'm busy learning and getting used to the ropes of it all. But it's been a great learning experience already. I can't wait to soak up even more info.

Wishing: That I could go back to Europe like tomorrow! I just saw Damaris's pictures from her Europe trip, and I can't wait to go back.

Making me happy: hanging with the girls (both in O-town and the 305), mimosas, signing up for races, sunny days, phone calls,

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