Jan 13, 2015

Walt Disney World 10k Recap

My first race of the year is in the books! I did the Walt Disney World 10k as part of Walt Disney World Marathon weekend. My bestie and BRF (best running friend), Kris did the race with me as always. This is the biggest race weekend for RunDisney and you could tell. We go to the expo a little after 6pm, and it was still packed.

We picked up our bibs and then did our usual walking around the expo trying not to spend too much (I think Kris and I did ok this time... LOL). We grabbed some dinner and then headed back to Kris's house to try and get some rest before the very very early (3:30am) wake-up call.

We decided to wear our awesome Raw Threads shirts. But it was a cold, cold 43 degrees when we left, so that meant layering with long sleeves and my running tights too. I even got to use the running gloves (with touchscreen capability) that Mom got me for Christmas.

After waiting and waiting, and waiting and freezing my butt off, our corral finally went off at about 6:10. I don't know why, but for the Disney 10ks the corrals seem to be let out about 5 minutes apart. The waiting sucks, but waiting in the cold is even worse! I was so glad to finally start running.

And right after we left Epcot and got onto the road, we saw Anna and Elsa! They were making it snow, and I think Elsa got mad, cause it was a cold morning.

We finally warmed up and seemed to be doing pretty well on our run. We saw Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum on our way to the Boardwalk resort, and decided that we needed to stop to take a pic with these guys. By the time we reached them we only had about a mile left, so we stopped to say hi. They just loved my Alice shirt, and pushed Kris to the back when taking this pic! You can see Kris's hand behind Tweedle Dum.

Then as we were about to head into Future World, we saw the big marionette things, and noticed the new Mike Wasowski one. Another picture was in order for this.

Before I knew it the finish line was in front of me. And there I was finishing another 10k. A huge bonus was that my race pics were actually there and decent. After the Wine & Dine Half, I was so sad not even having one pic.

I finally got my Minnie Mouse medal. Now, the real reason I even registered for this race was to get the Minnie medal, cause who doesn't love Minnie. She's so cute.

After the race Kris and I decided to wait to take a picture with Minnie Mouse, but it was soooo cold, since the sun never made an appearance, that after a while we gave up and headed to the Magic Kingdom. Our first stop was Starbucks (best thing that they put on Main Street!), and then we figured we'd see some princesses.

Our first stop was Merida, cause I hadn't seen my redheaded girl yet. She was so happy to see that we had medals and invited us to the highland games.

Then we passed by the Mine Train, but the line was nuts, so we checked out Anna and Elsa at Princess Fairytale Hall. Their line didn't look too long, and since it was about to start raining, we figured we'd wait. And only 25 minutes later, I was meeting Elsa and Anna. They were so awesome.

Then we stumbled across the Fairy Godmother. She was so proud of both of us for doing the race.

Then we wrapped up the day seeing Tiana. I think she was a little cold though.

The sun still hadn't come out to play and it was still mighty chilly, so we headed off to get some lunch and do some shopping before crashing at Kris's house. I had a such great time at this race. It was cold, but Disney races are always so much fun.

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