Dec 31, 2014

A 2014 Recap

I'm joining in and giving you a recap of my 2014. It was a great year, and I hope 2015 will be an even better one!

Started off the year in the happiest place on Earth, just in time to see the Osbourne Family Christmas lights before they got taken down for the year. It was nice to get in a little more Christmas before the season was really over.

Was time for my nephew's Lego Superhero 7th birthday party, and a few weeks later I did the inaugural Enchanted 10k at Disney. It was so much fun, especially, since I got to dress up as my favorite princess, Cinderella.

I went to a bunch of parties for some of the awesome little ones in my life, and also made some awesome St. Paddy's Day cupcakes, Irish Car Bomb cupcakes.

Finally went to the Animal Kingdom and rode Everest for the first time. So much fun! I was also keeping up on my running.

Watched my best friend graduate from nursing school, helped another celebrate his birthday with a special request, Oreo cupcakes, and spent lots of afternoons by my pool.

My birthday month! I finally made Sweet Angels cupcakes a page on the internet. I made a myself a slip and also got a great new job. I celebrated my birthday at the new job, but had a bunch of friends over to celebrate at my house too. Plus Mom made me these cute beachy cupcakes. It was so fun!

Kris and I finally celebrated our birthdays together with a night out at Epcot and an after hours tequila tasting. It was so good. We also had a girls brunch here in Miami for all of us to catch up. It's so good having an all day brunch and gossip session.

In July I signed up as a Beachbody coach after trying Piyo with my blogger friend Kat, and I posted about my fitness journey. This was a HUGE leap of faith for me, and I'm still trying to figure out how to fit it all in, but I can say I'm a fitness junkie now. I also went to New Orleans with Kris and we had such a great time, and got LOTS of steps in in the process too!

I went to FL Blog Con and gave my blog a new look! I love going to FL Blog Con, I always leave with such awesome ideas from other bloggers and tons of new blogs to read!

Time for my niece's birthday. And she picked a Blue's Clues theme this year. We got creative and threw an awesome Blue's Clues party. I also shared a little about my history of running, and all the races that I signed up for. I also headed to Epcot's International Food and Wine festival with Meli, so I could enjoy the food before my race.

Means it was time for the Wine & Dine Half Marathon weekend! This would be my second half marathon, and it rained the WHOLE race. I'll chock that one up to experience. I also did a 5k the morning of the half, and I survived. My first double race weekend. I really love that bling! I also did the Turkey Day 10k on Thanksgiving morning and got my 10k PR!

Has been full of fun holiday get togethers with friends. But I haven't let it derail my fitness. I've kept up running, since I have 4 races to go in January and February. I started a fitness challenge group and I've even started Insanity Max :30, to give my body an extra boost and see how far I can go.

Here's a toast to 2014 and a huge welcome to 2015. I hope to share more with all of you and hope to inspire others to design their own lives to make them healthier, more creative and more FUN!

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