Jan 18, 2015

Weekly Workouts 1.12-1.18.15

As I continue on my fitness journey, I wanted to share my workouts and keep myself on track too. So I'll be posting my workouts for the week here.

Monday: Insanity Max :30 Cardio Challenge

Tuesday: Rest day (I woke up late :( )

Wednesday: Insanity Max :30 Tabata Strength

Thursday: Insanity Max :30 Sweat Intervals

Friday: Insanity Max :30 Tabata Strength

Saturday: Insanity Max :30 Friday Fight Round 1

Sunday: 10 mile run

I've realized that it's easiest if I get the workouts in in the mornings. Cause some days, I wake up late and then getting in that workout later in the day is just tricky. So I'm gonna try my best for early AM workouts next week.

What workouts did you get in this week?

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