Mar 22, 2015

Weekly workouts 3.2.15-3.22.15

My weekly workout posts are back, I managed to break my wrist a few weeks ago, and I've been wearing a splint to help it heal. Thankfully, my wrist is feeling better, but typing is a chore (especially after typing all day at work), and workouts have been a bit all over the place.

I messed up my wrist on 3.3.15, so here are the workouts I was able to get in with that going on:

Monday, 3.2.15: 21 Day Fix Total Cardio Fix

Tuesday, 3.3.15: BROKEN WRIST :(

Thursday, 3.5.15: Shaun T 4 min. Tabata workout (just needed to get the blood moving!)

Sunday, 3.8.15: 5k run

Monday, 3.9.15: 21 Day Fix Total Body Cardio Fix

Tuesday, 3.10.15: 21 Day Fix Lower Fix & Ab Fix

Wednesday, 3.11.15: 3 mile run

Sunday, 3.15.15: 10k run

I feel a little more with it this week, so here's what I was able to get in:

Monday, 3.16.15: 21 Day Fix Total Body Cardio Fix

Tuesday, 3.17.15: 21 Day Fix Lower Fix

Wednesday 3.18.15: 21 Day Fix Cardio Fix

Thursday, 3.19.15: 2.5 mile run

Friday, 3.20.15: 21 Day Fix Pilates Fix

Saturday, 3.21.15: REST

Sunday, 3.22.15: 5 mile run

I've been attempting the 21 Day Fix workouts, cause they are a new challenge (and I want to get my 21 Day Fix shirt!). I have been doing them without weights, and also skipping any moves that require me to rest on my hands. I really want to do the Upper Fix, but that one is really off limits. I think I'm gonna have to mix it up with my hand being still splinted for a few more weeks, and bring some other workouts into the mix.

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