Apr 20, 2015

Riverside Dash 15k

The Riverside Dash 15k was my first 15k. Kristina found this race which was in Sanford, close to Orlando, and since we were looking for better qualifying times for Wine & Dine, we decided to go for it. Now neither of us had done a 15k yet, so at least we'd get automatic PRs. I'm all about the PRs lately... LOL

We got up early (not that early compared to a RunDisney race), and headed out to Sanford for the race. The start and finish were at a park, and we were lucky to find real bathrooms to go before the race--score!

Kris and I rocked our Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum shirts. I love these, and they are so us! I didn't have time to make a skirt for myself, but I'll have one next time.

There was a trainer doing a warm-up before the race, so we joined in. He was doing some insanity type moves, not gonna say we made it through all of them, but we did some. And then we ran into our friend Anna who was also running the race. She's so awesome, I was happy we ran into her and her hubby, who was also running.

It was a small race, so there were no corrals, but we lined up and started. We ran around Sanford, which was so cute, and small-townish (I know, this big city girl loves the cute towns). And then we got to the Riverside. After about mile 2 we ran alongside the river (I have no idea what river it is) as the sun came up. It was so pretty.

The course was up and back, so eventually we hit the entrance to the Central Florida Zoo, and turned back. The course was pretty flat, no hills, but the road that we ran on is kind of slanted. And that is no fun to run on for an extended time. On the way out the slant was one way, then the other way on the way back. My legs were feeling it.

The volunteers were great in handing out the water, though on this humid day a few more water stations would have been great. There was one little girl at one of the water stations that was so much fun, she was running around telling you to just drop your cup and keep going. She was such a motivator.

Everything was ok, and then once we got back into the town part of Sanford, I was ready to be done. Those last two miles seemed to go on forever. I felt like we'd never get to that finish line. Since it was a small race, as we came around to the finish, they called our names! So cool. Anna was also waiting at the finish line and was able to snap some pictures of us.

The announcer noticed I was from Miami and asked how Miami celebrates, so I had to throw up a 305!

And then finally we were done! A 15K PR in the books. Though, as I told Kris, if we're gonna do 9.3 miles, we might as well have done a half marathon... God, who am I? LOL

And as always, I'm in it for the bling, so here's the bling shot.

Overall, the race was pretty good. It was humid, but I'd felt worse humidity at home in Miami this year already. Luckily, the sun stayed behind some clouds the whole time, and we didn't get the rain that was in the forecast. My legs also held up pretty good, I wore my compression socks to make sure my calves would feel ok, and they did.

Have you ever done a 15k?

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