Jun 5, 2015

Twilight 5k Recap

The Twilight 5k is a race that's been going on for years right down the street from me. I finally took the leap and signed up this year, and my friend, Meli, signed up with me too.

The best thing about this race is that it's an evening race.  It's nice cause the sun is going down as you race, but there is still enough natural light to get your run done without feeling like your running in darkness.

This years race was also special, Papa Hans, Hans ???, passed away this year, so this race, his race, was a tribute to him. Hans and his wife opened up Footworks, a running store, in South Miami about 40 years ago. The store is till there and helping runners in Miami. Footworks was actually where I first got fitted for running shoes, and is my favorite running store around. You can tell that they are runners there and really want to help you get in your best run. 

Now for the actual race, it started at 7pm, which was perfect. But just because it was a late start didn't mean it wasn't hot. Thankfully the sun wasn't blaring at us, but the humidity was out of hand! The air was just so thick, it was like running through sludge. 

But the people were amazing. The race is through the neighborhoods in South Miami, and the people had their lawn chairs out and sat outside cheering on the runners. Some even had their hoses out to spray off the people that wanted a cool down!

Because of the humidity, my time was a bit slow, but it was a fun race. I also got to rock my new purple polka dot compression socks. And I loved that it was so close to home.

We got medals for this race, and since it was the Twilight 5k, they glowed in the dark! So cool!

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