Jun 21, 2015

Weekly Workouts 6.15.15 - 6.21.15

Ok, my workouts had been all over the place lately, and so had my posting. But this week, I feel like I got back on track. I started Insanity Max :30 again, and was able to get in a run too.

Monday, 6.15.15:  Insanity Max :30 Cardio Challenge

Tuesday, 6.16.15: Insanity Max :30 Tabata Power

Wednesday, 6.17.15: Insanity Max :30 Sweat Intervals

Thursday, 6.18.15: Insanity Max :30 Tabata Power

Friday, 6.19.15: Insanity Max :30 Friday Fight Round 1

Saturday, 6.20.15: Insanity Max :30 Pulse

Sunday, 6.21.15: Run 3 miles

I'm starting week 3 of Insanity Max :30 next week, and my half marathon training is amping up too. Here's to another great week of workouts.

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