Jun 22, 2015

Kris's 40th Birthday Party

I've gotten back on a little party roll lately, and with my bestie having a big milestone birthday this year, I knew I had to do something for her. So along with her husband, Eddie, we decided to throw Kris a big 40th party.

We decided it'd be easiest to make the party happen at Kris and Eddie's house. This way the kids could stay and play, as the adults chatted and had fun. I totally got inspired by some black and white stripes I saw online paired with bright peonies, so the theme was done. Finding the striped plates and napkins wasn't easy, but I finally found them online. Then I called in to a local florist and he was able to set aside some peonies and garden roses for me. Eddie got a few balloons and the decor was done.

Eddie had a great idea for a taco bar, since Kris loves Mexican food. It was so easy to set up. Just some crock-pot taco chicken and all the fixings. Add some chips and we were set.

Since we were having the taco bar, we had to have margaritas. I made regular and strawberry margaritas. I used a mix they recommended at Total Wine, and they were great. Plus, they looked super cute in Mom's drink dispensers.

For the strawberry margaritas, I just added some fresh strawberry puree to the mix. They were perfect and not too sweet.

I couldn't throw my bestie a party without making some cupcakes. Since we were already making strawberry margaritas, strawberry margarita cupcakes were a no brainer. I also made chocolate and vanilla cupcakes for the kids, I didn't think they'd like the strawberry tequila filling.

I also made a little cake to add to the top of the cupcake tower. I decorated it with some of the fresh flowers and it looked amazing.

The birthday girl just loved it!

This girl is one of the best friends anyone could ever have, and I was so happy to be able to throw this party for her. We all had such a great time at the party. And this girl makes 40 look good!

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