Apr 5, 2015

Weekly workouts 3.30.15 - 4.5.15

I didn't get in a long run last weekend, but I did manage to get in 3 runs this week! I also had an unexpected rest day thrown in there too, but I think my legs really appreciated it on today's long run.

Monday, 3.30.15: 30 minute run

Tuesday, 3.31.15: Turbo Fire Fire 45

Wednesday, 4.1.15: 30 minute run

Thursday, 4.2.15: REST

Friday, 4.3.15: 21 Day Fix Lower Fix

Saturday, 4.4.15: REST

Sunday, 4.5.15: 10k run

It's getting really hot here in Miami already, so looks like I'll be getting up even earlier to get in my long runs before the sun boils me. Luckily, this week's 10k, was a lot speedier than I thought I would be! Makes me a little more excited for next week's 15k.

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