Feb 2, 2011

30 for 30: Day 2

Today I wanted to wear the pants, but had a hard time deciding what top to pair with them. I wanted to add the jean jacket to make them a little more casual. Plus, me and my hair were just not having it this morning. I also noticed after taking the pics, that I did not put on any lipgloss before the pics. My lips aren't usually this pale. But I figure, the more pics I take the better they'll get.

What I wore:
  • Brown pants--JC Penney
  • Teal embellished tank--Old Navy
  • Jean jacket--Old Navy
  • Teal wedges--Payless
And I added:


  1. Love the color of the tank!

  2. thanks katie! it's a bit more green in real life... it's one of my favorites and it just happend to match my wedges :)