Feb 6, 2011

30 for 30: Day 6

It's Super Bowl Sunday... but more importantly, Glee is BACK! I could really care less about the game, but I'm so happy to get a brand-new episode of Glee. Today I also ran a bunch of errands and a total bummer, I'm catching a slight cold, that I'm trying to fight off. So comfort is key today.

What I wore:
  • Burgundy V-neck--Target
  • Lighter skinny jeans--Old Navy
  • Red flats--Payless
And I added:
  • Small silver hoops--gift


  1. Do you find that Old Navy's skinny jeans run large like most of their other sizes? I'm wanting to order a pair but I don't know what size to get!

  2. yeah they do. I'm usually a 6, but get a 4 in old navy jeans (and I get the short ones). the 4 short skinnies are the only jeans that fit well that I don't have to hem. And once I find a brand of jeans that fit, I tend to stick with them. Hope this helps :)