Sep 3, 2012

Grandma's birthday hat party

I'm back in home and I can't wait to share all of the pics and stories from my trip. I'm currently sorting through and editing my over 1000 pictures, so the Paris posts (yes, multiple posts) will be up starting later this week.

But first, I want to share all the fun we had at Grandma's birthday party on Sunday. Grandma's birthday was actually on August 27th, but since I was in Paris, we had the party once I got back.

Grandma mentioned a little bit ago that we should have a hat party. So Mom and I ran with the idea and decided to throw her a southern-style ladies luncheon birthday party, hats required. We decorated with a floral theme, and instead of traditional pink, we used the colors teal, lime and lilac.
apparently the dining room fits 20 people
As everyone arrived we started out with some champagne punch and homemade cheese straws. They were both so yummy and a made a great little appetizer.

Grandma's sisters, sisters-in-law, nieces and grandnieces came to the luncheon, there were 20 of us. They came in their hats and looked totally fabulous. We all chatted as we drank punch and munched on the cheese straws. Then, we all sat down for lunch.

For lunch, we served a southern menu of fried chicken, smashed potatoes, veggies, salad and cornbread. We also had big pitchers of lemonade to quench everyone's thirst.
I love seeing all of the hats!

For dessert I served up some of my Super Easy Peach Cobbler. I made a way bigger batch (2 large pans worth, actually). I topped the warm cobbler with vanilla ice cream. It was a total hit, everyone loved it.

There was great food, great people and tons of laughs. We all had a wonderful time and got to share with family all while enjoying a delicious lunch. Grandma loved that so many people were able to come celebrate with her.

Mom and I love to throw a party, and were so happy to have this one for Grandma. Finally, here Mom and I are with the birthday girl.

Felicidades Abuela!!

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