Jan 2, 2014

Pasteles workshop

Last weekend was time for a pasteles-making workshop. We had a pasteles making class (you can get the detailed instructions there) a while back, but a couple of the cousins wanted a refresher course in making them. A small group of us gathered, to share the tips on how to make the yummy holiday dish and the primas that don't know how to make them got a refresher.

Mom got all fancy and wore her chef hat to the festivities.

Patiti had made the meat the night before, so all that was left was making the masa. Luckily, the bananas and malanga were already peeled, so we just needed to process them. Gisela was able to use the ne food processor that Santa brought her to grate up the bananas, while Alina handled the malanga with our food processor.

It was like Iron Chef in Matiti's kitchen, and Yoly "interviewed" the cooks. LOL! Mom and Yoly were the pasteles masters directing how to make them. We made the masa, and added the achiote oil to the mixture to give it some color.

Then it was assembly time. We pulled out the aluminum foil and started putting the masa and the meat into them. Alina finally got a hand in making the pasteles. After a few, I think she got the hang of it.

Grandma and Matiti supervised the whole thing (and ate some of the test pasteles, of course).

Then it got factory-style in the kitchen putting the pasteles together.

Finally, a shot of the photographer!
Of course, there had to be a taste test when they were all done. 

And after all those pasteles being made, everyone got some to take home. I think there were about 60 made!

Doing these classes is so much fun. I love getting together and seeing those recipes done once more.

Do you have any special family recipes that others are dying to try?

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  1. My first Pasteles were like that.. I used aluminum foil now I know how to do them with the paper and a small piece of banana leave for the taste...