Feb 8, 2015

Weekly Workouts 2.2-2.8.15

Here goes, my workouts for last week:

Monday, 2.2.15: Insanity Max :30 Max Out Cardio

Tuesday, 2.3.15: Insanity Max :30 Max Out Power

Wednesday, 2.4.15: Insanity Max :30 Max Out Sweat

Thursday, 2.5.16: Insanity Max :30 Max Out Strength

Friday, 2.6.16: Insanity Max :30 Friday Fight Round 2

Saturday, 2.7.14: 4 mile run

Sunday, 2.8.15: 8 mile run

This week was a hectic one, but I still managed to get in all of my workouts! WOOHOO! And even though it was tough to get outta bed, I got in my double run weekend too. Only two weeks til the Glass Slipper Challenge, and I'm sure I'll be glad to be getting in these double runs then. I was able to get a massage after my 8 miler, it was so needed!

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